About Us
 3ABN-WFNH 95.1FM Jackson, Mississippi Radio Station provides religious instruction and moral teaching; teaches parents and children
principles for strengthening the home; assists members of the community to discover solutions to their personal, social, health and relational problems typical of contemporary times; provide opportunities for and promote discussion of all areas of family
contemporary social, religious and personal life issues; teaches the ideals of citizenship, integrity, personal responsibility, moral rectitude and spiritual maturity.

The programming  is directed to listeners of all backgrounds and ages in an effort to instill a sense of harmony and cooperation among all members of the community. 
Subject matter covered by programming includes family development, child rearing and education, natural health information and religion.  Programs are developed and selected as to  be responsive to the needs and interest in the general public, locally as well as World-wide!
Our station hit the airwaves on January 20, 2017; However the General Manager/Founder/President' degree is in Mass Communications Radio/TV Production and the Engineer has over 40 years experience in building both Low-Power and Full-Power radio stations.
Although our station is low-power, it cover the majority of the city of Jackson, Brandon and all of Pearl Mississippi.  Our streaming services allows everyone (WORLD-WIDE) to listen to our radio station 24 /7, that is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Thus far, our radio station is the first and only radio station in the state of Mississippi that carries the 3ABN Radio Station programming.

Those individuals that are searching for the "Real, Truth" this is the radio station designed with you in mind.  Please tune in!  God Bless! 
Please pass this information on to others!!!

Meet The​
  1. Deborah H. Gant
    General Manager/ Founder/President
  2. Melvin Richardson
  3. DeEtter Edwards
  4. Kenneth Coleman
    Assistant Secretary
  5. Wm. Bill Fulgham
  6. Linda Bealer
    Secretary/Vegan Cook for FONHE TV Show